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Eyewear designed to boost people’s unique identity. Eyewear that expresses our most creative vision of fashion.


A family brand

GIGI Studios is a brand founded in Barcelona by a family that has always been surrounded by glasses. This family spirit has led to partnerships with independent eyewear sellers and distributors in more than 45 countries. At GIGI Studios, we transmit knowledge and experience while passionately embracing the future.

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Modernity and Tradition

Patricia Ramo, CEO and Creative Director, has managed to combine her contemporary vision with the savoir-faire of her father, Lluis Ramo, President and Expert in Design, reshaping and transforming the company founded by her grandfather in 1962. The company is now known as GIGI Studios: a young, dynamic brand driven by fashion culture in its most artistic and creative forms.


Unique Identity

Without distinction, GIGI Studios wants to support people in their self-expression by making them feel more creative and self-confident. GIGI Studios’ designs are the result of constant improvement, a process of exploration through materials, shapes, and colours seeking designs that enhance the uniqueness of the individual.



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