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modernise des symboles vieux de plusieurs millénaires pour en faire l'emblème d'une nouvelle génération, fière de ses origines et ouverte sur le monde.


Apaches Sun

The “Native American Heritage” collection pays homage to the richness of the symbolism of the tribes of North American Indians as well as to the immemorial and timeless wisdom they have always demonstrated. Native American peoples lived in harmony with nature. They believed that everything and everyone has a mind of its own. Their view of the world is unique.


Sun Stone

Stone from India that brings vitality, abundance and longevity. It protects against evil spirits and helps to overcome fear and stress.


Black Spinel

The black spinel takes its name from the Greek “spark”, it is a powerful stone, known to be very beneficial both mentally and physically. It has the reputation of being a magic stone worn during shamanic initiations and ceremonies. It is known to chase away bad vibes and to give confidence to the wearer. Repels negative ideas and generates new energy.

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